Winter Seeding of New Grass and Bare Dirt

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Winter Seeding of New Grass and Bare Dirt #gardendiy Watch Now!

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Doc and crew do a winter seeding on the bare ground of the pond berm. It’s critical to use seeds and grasses that can withstand the cold weather and even mild frosts. If nothing else, get roots in the ground to hold the soil.

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  1. You’re getting a great place working Doc!! I’m so jealous….😊 I’d use the front side of the berm to sight my rifle in from the house or the dock. Maybe a nice shooting rest bench…. You’re probably using a 3030 or 243 anyway…

  2. That red dirt is good for making Bricks. You got your hands full getting down organic matter . Looks great. Love these videos, please keeping coming.

  3. Might need a small portable water pump for the back of the ATV to give you the ability to water the berm and get that grass growing.
    Just a thought.

  4. I seeded Zoysia this past June and seeded winter rye in the bare spots about a month ago. should i still be putting preemergent down?

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