Winter Overseed Bermuda Lawn

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Winter Overseed Bermuda Lawn #gardendiy Watch Now!

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Doc discusses overseeding your Bermuda lawn in the winter. Should you overseed with annual rye? For most of us it’s best just to let our lawns go to sleep and rest naturally. Take a break and prepare for the next spring season while also taking care of winter weeds and soil.

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  1. Overseeding my bermuda in Arizona near Phoenix is the best part of having a lawn. We are outside all winter here so the rye is the star of the show for me. I have started only using Annual Rye because the Perennial fights the Bermuda and I end up with bare spots anywhere there is mild shade in the summer.

  2. Reason #1 is absolutely it for me. Mowing grass 2-3x week when it’s 95 degrees outside gets a little old at the end of the season. But like you said, come March, I’m looking forward to it again!

  3. Doc – I am sure people will think I am thick headed, but I finally can keep perennial straight in my head versus annual. Perennial = Permanent!

  4. Thank you I needed this.. I just put a dump load of dirt in the back of my yard In a low low spot and I wanted to get some roots in it before rain washes it away.. was afraid to waist money but this changed my mind.. I live in North Florida pant

  5. I’m overseeding with rye.I used my weedeater to cut the grass to soil level, whats left is this hard patches sticking out of the soil from the bermuda, will that prevent the rye from growing or do I have to use a rake to get rid of those thick patches? I think it’s the stems of bermuda

  6. How long should I wait to use PE on Bermuda sod? My lawn was sodded in February this year. Should I wait to spring to put PE down for the first time?

  7. I don’t change the height of my Bermuda in the fall I just mow less often and much less work and time to scalp in the spring.

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