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What Happens When You Plug a SUICIDE CORD in a LIVE OUTLET? Do Not Try This Ever

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What Happens When You Plug a SUICIDE CORD in a LIVE OUTLET? Do Not Try This Ever | Watch Now!

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I was asked this question at least 500 times & now you can see what happens when you take a backfeeding suicide cord & connect it to a live electric outlet. Learn a little about outlets & wiring in the process too. DO NOT attempt to replicate anything shown in the video as your individual situation may be different & there is serious risk or injury or death. The purpose of this video is for entertainment purposes only. This video is not an instructional guide. I am 100% AGAINST all back-feeding cords, cables & illegally connecting generators to homes

Watt Tester:

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  1. Power Tester Used: Remember Suicide cords should never be purchased or used. Backfeeding is illegal & it can and has killed people. *This video is for entertainment purposes in a testing environment with safety controls in place. I do not recommend purchasing these cables or attempting any of the testing shown* Backfeeding a generator into your power system without an interlock safety device will always be illegal & is totally unsafe.

  2. I would suggest not wearing those latex gloves with electrical circuits. Those burn into the skin and hard to remove with an arc flash. I’ve unfortunately known people in the electrical industry that have made this mistake.

  3. Thanks for making this video. I work on the power grid and these cords are seriously dangerous for linemen and homeowners alike. It’s nice that the dangers are becoming more visible to the public.

  4. I’m gonna assume this was demonetized right? Just having that word in the title alone…

    Shame because it’s a fascinating video.

  5. For this experiment I would make sure though that the suicide cord is not crosswired by doing a continuity check on each end of the cord.

  6. 1:20 My immediate, intuitive guess (after getting past the whole “exposed terminals connected to mains power” bit) was exactly what happened. Live connects to live, neutral to neutral, ground to ground. You’re shorting each pin to itself, so nothing happens. Let’s keep watching…

    …even if the two outlets were disconnected (e.g. to connect one to a light switch), you’d still be connecting neutral to neutral, ground to ground, and live to live; in most cases, such applications are on the same breaker. Worst case scenario, the “suicide cord” would act as a switch, turning on anything on the same circuit as the switched outlet. Even if they were on different breakers, *maybe* you’d trip a GFCI.

  7. FYI You can break those side tabs in order to put the bottom and top outlets on different circuits, breaking the tabs electrically separates the top and bottom outlet. The most common reason to do this is if you want the top or bottom outlet to be switched for a lamp, but still want the other outlet to be fully powered.

  8. When I saw you open up the outlet I remembered the two were already electrically connected but during the initial experiment I expected a breaker to trip. Cool video!

  9. When your grid power goes out and you plug your generator into your house outlet without disconnecting the grid, your generator power goes back into the grid with serious consequences for those linemen working to restore power. That is why these cables should be illegal. Only a house that has been setup for generator power should be allowed to connect a generator during an outage. Generators are installed all over Florida and Vermont, but they don’t use these cables to do it. You can legally and safely setup solar and generator power along with grid power, but it has to be done correctly. These shouldn’t be called suicide cables, they should be called murder cables.

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