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What are Parents Thinking—Where Did Modesty Go?

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What are Parents Thinking—Where Did Modesty Go? | Watch Now!

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High School Homecoming dresses—why are they so short? Where did modesty go?

This is a new vlog series where I go on a 1 mile walk and talk about current issues we all face in Life & Lawn Care.

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  1. The highlight of this —-” you want to bring home someone that your momma will approve of and be proud of!” That is probably one of the most “solid” pieces of advice to give your son as well as your daughters. Family is so important and mutual respect plays a major role in that whole dynamic. (And that means respecting yourself as well.) Very good topic Mr. Mike.

  2. I’m blessed that I have a son. But yeah when I see some of the stuff my neices wear it blows my mind. Best quote, “fathers you know what goes on in a young boys mind.” A friend posted pictures of her daughter a few years back with prom dress’ and asked what people thought. My response “as a teenage boy I like this one, as a father I like this one.”

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