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The LAST TIME I’ll Mow This Lawn

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The LAST TIME I’ll Mow This Lawn | Watch Now!

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It’s time for the FINAL mow of this lawn…

What a journey it’s been since starting this channel in 2016 and our home and this lawn has been center stage during all of it. It’s time to move on but today I finished the last mow here and reminisced about old times.

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  1. Thank you for watching! Please leave a comment below on how long you’ve been following the channel and where you’re located. I appreciate it!

  2. I started watching last summer when my fiancee and I bought our first house. Because of you I have completely transformed our midwest lawn from a patchy pale green lawn to a thick, deep green lawn that is mostly weed free. As a full time content creator myself I resonate with your words towards the end. Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see what unfolds at the new property!

  3. Awesome video man. Been watching for close to three years I think. I’m in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I blame you and Connor for my bad habits! 😂 New place looks awesome by the way!

  4. I’m an Aussie living in Portland Oregon and been watching for 4 years. My family and I are heading back home in 2 week after living in the states for 5 years and you have inspired me to start my own lawn care company when I get back there and follow my passion. Thanks for all you do Ryan

  5. Your lawn care tips and experiences really inspired me to jump in and see what I could do in my yard. I’m in the Pacific Northwest and your cool season lawn care has been such a huge help to me. Ryegrass FTW!!!

  6. Been waiting for this one, and shed a tear like many here. We’re all so happy for you two to be moving on, and doing something that you both will enjoy for years to come!

    Been watching since 2018 from Mishawaka, IN.

  7. Ryan, you’ve made such a difference in my lawn care routine here in Ohio over the last 4 years of following you, and I’m glad that you’ve been able to turn it into something that provides not just for your family, but for all of us watching along as well. So thank you and keep it up!

  8. hi Ryan, I’m from Europe (Croatia), my journey into the world of lawns started in the spring of 2019. That’s when we first removed the old lawn and soil, put new soil and sowed grass. I honestly had no idea about the types of grass and how to cut it ( beginner). In the spring of 2020, the lock down came, I started to mow and my lawnmower jumped like a rabbit. I went to YouTube in search of how to level the lawn, and found this channel and I’ve been there ever since. 😁😁

  9. Dude… incredible journey you have taken me on here in Lake Bluff, IL! It’s been about 5 years watching your videos and you have taken my lawn time to new levels. Thanks for ur passion, enthusiasm and love u put into ur lawn craft… you’ve changed my life in such a good way. I receive such joy in caring and maintaining my lawn and that started with ur help!! So much more to go… for both of us… exciting times ahead! All the best!!!

  10. Hey dude I’m super thankful for all the knowledge you have dropped on this channel. Been with you since 2019 when I bought my house here in Tacoma Washington . Thank you for being a bright spot in my life and for helping me get a love for lawn care. Looking forward to the next chapter

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