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Reel Mowing Time! And My Annual Physical 😩

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Reel Mowing Time! And My Annual Physical 😩 | Watch Now!

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Fall is here in the north and it’s reel mowing time! You can reel mow anytime of the year, unfortunately I don’t have in-ground sprinkling, therefore I only reel mow in spring and fall so my Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass can handle it.

I had my annual physical and it wasn’t the best news. Gotta make some changes.

The Uncomfortable Truth Podcast:

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Scotts Pro 18 inch 7-Blade Manual Reel Mower: Model – 716-18S

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  1. Here is a quick tip that I found helpful, Coach. I put a nut on each of the 4 adjuster bolts and use them to act as captive nuts. Once I am adjusted perfectly, I tighten those bad boys down and they hold the blade perfectly the way I set them.

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