Reel Mowing Putting Green Fertilizing New Cool Season Seed

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Reel Mowing Putting Green Fertilizing New Cool Season Seed #gardendiy Watch Now!

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Doc cuts the cool season putting green with the reel mower and applies mild fast release fertilizer. While the grass has struggled a bit it is finally starting to come around.

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  1. Love the videos Doc. I walk mowed greens in high school and college. You can learn the one hand, no need to stop on each pass turn! Way quicker and your lines dont suffer. 🙂

  2. Next year I’m going to 1 3/8 on my Bermuda. 1 inch digs in in spots. Raised up for the fall and it’s much easier in the bad spots for scalping.

  3. You can clean that putter with a wire brush and polish it with Brasso. Just like polishing brass on your uniform items. Lol

  4. Longtime subscriber and I have a beautiful Bermuda lawn as a result. Different question however. What is the name of the song and the artist on the music starting at 1:50. Best guess is that it is a musical version of a song by Adelyn Paik.

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