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Little Nipper Chainsaws – Progress Report + SunBeam Lawn Mower electric lawn mower

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Little Nipper Chainsaws – Progress Report + SunBeam Lawn Mower #electriclawnmower electric lawn mower

#electriclawnmower #bestelectriclawnmowers

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in this video I talk about the progress I have made on the little vintage chainsaws that Mr. C gave to me last May. I also show my vintage SunBeam electric lawnmower mowing the yard.
Here are the chainsaws I talk about in today’s video:
Homelite Super EZ Automatic
Homelite Super – 2
Poulan Wood Shark
Frontier F35

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  1. That little electric mower looks like it would be ideal for some of those manicured fancy lawns! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Mr. Obsolete,
    Thank you for another great video,
    The last homelite is a homelite 200 series chiansaw from the early 1990s !

  3. I have a few of those frontier saws. I really like them. They where mad in trail bc Canada. They sold them under many different names. Husqvarna 35 and pioneer mini p or p 12 to name a few.

  4. When I saw that XL2 automatic, I had the biggest grin on my face. As a kid I wanted a mini bike so bad but couldn’t afford one. Took dad’s Homelite without his permission, pulled off the recoil cover, and bolted on a 1 1/4 inch diameter BMX bicycle foot peg using the existing flywheel bolt with lots of permanent loctite. Made some brackets using parts of an old chain link fence, and found some 3×4-in heavy angle iron which I bolted on one side of the front bicycle forks. Throttle was made of old bicycle brake cables, and old brake drum springs were used to put tension down on the front tire. I had no idea if this homemade friction drive bicycle engine would work, but boy it sure did! At only around 26cc’s and a drilled out muffler screaming I could hit 30 mph on the flats no problem. Close to 40 downhill. Had the time of my life for next to no money. 20 years of traditional use from my dad and another 400 miles of going wide open from me, the rings finally went. But I beat that thing to death and it kept on going and going. I can’t wait to hear that Homelite run again. Thanks for video and helping me bring back some good memories.

  5. I have an older super 2/xl 2, they’re a little harder to work on only because you have to take the entire engine out

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