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Lightswitch So Quiet They Made it ILLEGAL

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Lightswitch So Quiet They Made it ILLEGAL | Watch Now!

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The world’s only 100% SILENT LIGHTSWITCH was taken from us & made illegal. See why this unusual switch is so amazing & its outlaw history. I hope you enjoy this electrical oddity.

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  1. It would seem the Silver Cymbal is going “Mr Science and How It Works” all rolled into one. With the product reviews, it’s become the total package! Great job! Love it!😃👍

  2. My dad installed them throughout our house in the fifties and sixties. Didn’t understand how special they were til now.

  3. My surreptitious activities have been curtailed so much by these ridiculously loud switches. Curse you electrical switch regulatory agencies! Thanks! Dave J

  4. My grandma’s house might have had a version of these. Their toggles rested in the middle position, and you pressed the them up or down for on and off, and they were silent. I’ve never seen them anywhere else but in her house.

  5. Who would have thought liquid metal would be bad for us?
    I vaguely remember some of my parent’s friends’ places having these switches. Thanks for showing this, very cool 👍

  6. Never knew about that switch that’s cool, obviously knew about the thermostats. Amazing back in the day we all used to break open the thermometers in science class and play with the mercury on the lab tables… 🤪

  7. When we were kids we broke mercury switches and played with the mercury. We also pinched lead fishing sinkers together by biting them when attaching them to fishing line. We did too many unhealthy things to list here but we didn’t know any better. I’m truly shocked I’m still alive.

  8. wow!! Didn’t realize these were still available as late as 1991. I’ve heard of them and my grandmother’s house may have had one in her kitchen, as one of the switches made a snap sound when the toggle is flipped up and down, while the other was smooth and silent. In one of the bedrooms she had an old type of switch with two buttons that pop in and out as the switch is activated. Her house was built in 1883 originally with gas lighting, not sure when it was converted to electricity but when the house was rewired about 12 years ago we replaced the 60 amp fuse panel with a 200 amp breaker box Siemens, and didn’t see any signs of knob and tube, but lots of cloth braided romex and two prong receptacles. The area was mostly farmland prior to the great depression, so it may have gotten electricity sometime in the 30s, during the REA area. Also many of the houses are post WWII tract housing. Anyway, very cool stuff you can find in very old buildings. Watch out for asbestos and lead paint.

  9. There was an old Atari joystick that used mercury switches too. It’s how they made motion-sensing joysticks before MEMS accelerometers. 😉

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