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Lawn Renovation RESULTS Just 3 Weeks Later

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Lawn Renovation RESULTS Just 3 Weeks Later | Watch Now!

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Another lawn renovation complete for 2022!

This 1.5 acre property was seeded just shortly after labor day and we’ve seen great progress so far. When it comes to lawn renovations, patience is the name of the game and it takes time for things to fully mature and turn into the lawn you’ve always wanted. But have no fear, you will get there as you continue to work hard and implement a great yearly program.

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  1. Elite Tall Fescue –
    Starter Fertilizer with Weed Preventer –

    Ryan Knorr Lawn Care is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate programs. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  2. I watch these videos with my two girls at night ages 3/4. They call them “grass stories” ❤! Tonight my oldest says, “is that Ryan?” Your a household name. Keep doing you! Thx

  3. Would LOVE to see an update in May on this. My front yard is sloped too. Debating the Grand Slam or Fescue on it.

  4. Hey Ryan, I did a full renovation in my front yard with Ryan Knorr TTTF and did Ryan Knorr Perennial Rye in the backyard. They both look amazing, but there are still a few bare spots I would like to fill. Do you think it is too late to overseed?

    I live in Northwest NJ and it has been getting into the high 30s, low 40s at night, with a bunch of overcast / rainy days, so I’m not seeing a lot of growth on spots I seeded over the last week or two.

  5. Hey Ryan have a question. When laying fertilizer in places that your pets frequent, what do you do to get the fertilizer down and still be safe for pets? I haven’t been treating my back yard because it’s the only place my dog will pee but want to get a fall treatment down as I am in Michigan

  6. I’m pleased to see the bare spots because I also have them. You’re a professional and I’m not. Nothing is perfect in the grass growing business. I’m always learning from you. Thank you 😊

  7. I just mowed my first mow on my Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Perennial Ryegrass stand, dropped a mere two weeks ago (yes I used a light push-reel). I cannot believe how awesome it looks and how fast it came in. That stuff will grow anywhere. Putting down a half-strength shot of EqualizORR this weekend to give it a boost. The Scotts Triple Care worked very well, but fair warning, be careful. Even the slightest over application will bleach your blessed new PRG (for awhile).

    Anyway, it looks amazing, I cannot wait until Spring when it really hits the gas. thanks so much, Ryan. You da man.

  8. Wow! That came out very well!!!

    My Overseeding project in my back yard might have gotten hurt. I dethatched. Put seed down. Sprayed with Air-8, tenacity and threw down some fertilizer. We were forecast to have rain Saturday from The Remnants of Hurricane Ian on Long Island. Got about 1/2” Rain Saturday. Kinda misty and drizzle all day Sunday. Then the storm just sat off the coast and it rained almost all day at points Monday until early Evening today. Hope it didn’t completely wash out my work. The forecast originally was just rain Saturday and some Sunday. Not 5 days in a row.

  9. Looks great at 3 weeks! What’s the typical strategy for the bare areas? Wait unit spring for an overseed or install some more seed right before snow?

  10. I live in PA. They say for my area fall is the best time to seed. However, I started part of my seeding project in late summer. That part of seeding turned out great. The other half I did in early fall. Temps went wacky (40s at night and low 60s in day). The other half of my seeding project I did at the recommended time (fall) turned out worse with hardly any germination. I’ll be doing my seeding in the summer from now on against what everyone says.

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