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Hustler Lawn Mower

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Hustler Lawn Mower is what you should look for If you are planning to buy a lawn mower. Here are some factors to consider: Price, Features, Deck size, and Specifications. We will also discuss how to choose the best lawn mower for your needs. Read on to learn more about these factors and the Hustler lawn mower. This lawn mower has been made to keep your lawn in top condition. It will give you years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Hustler Lawn Mower Features

The Hustler Lawn Mower is a heavy-duty steel fabricated steel mower deck that provides optimal maneuverability and superior cutting quality. Its zero-radius SmoothTrak steering makes mowing expansive lawns a breeze. It also features a low seat height for improved comfort and maneuverability. The mower’s frame is made of 1.5” x 3-” steel tubes, which ensures years of trouble-free performance.

The Super Z HyperDrive hydro transmission system delivers commercial-grade power and performance at an unbeatable value. This hydro system includes industrial pumps and wheel motors with a high torque and smooth-riding performance. The three-gallon fuel tank is equipped with a hot oil shuttle and is complemented by an 8-inch fan. The Raptor XD comes in 42-, 48 and 54-inch decks.

The Super Z line of zero-turn mowers offers improved performance and features. Its Kawasaki and Kohler engine options deliver more power and torque than any other brand. Its smooth-riding system, VX4 technology, and standard armrests make it an excellent choice for commercial landscaping. The Hustler Raptor Flip-Up is a commercial grade mower with heavy-duty welded steel decks and an impressive range of features.

With an overall length of just 58.9 inches, the Hustler Turf Surfer Pro is a perfect tool for tight corners, trimming, and backyards with gates. Its heavy-duty steel deck is reinforced with 3/8-inch x 1-inch steel and offers a superior ride. Its Kawasaki engine provides a powerful cutting performance. In addition, the Hustler Turf Zero-Turn mowers are built to withstand rugged terrain.

Hustler Lawn Mower Riding

Hustler Lawn Mower

A Hustler lawn mower has many benefits, including the ability to cut your grass in a matter of seconds. These features make this lawn mower a smart choice for residential properties and their owners. The Hustler Dash is a zero-turn lawn mower with patented foot-operated deck lift. The compact design fits through most gateways, and is available with two deck sizes. The sturdy 1″ x 2″ tubular frame is designed for durability.

The Hustler lawn mower is one of the leading brands of outdoor power equipment, with over 1,600 dealers and 30 distributors worldwide. It has several features to make it stand out from the competition. The Hustler has electronic fuel injections for better fuel efficiency, a Roller Protection System to protect the driver, seatbelts to increase operator control, and suspension to increase ground speed. All of these features help make this lawn mower an excellent choice for homeowners with large yards.

The Super Z is the most advanced walk-behind mower on the market. It features a commercial-duty 21-cc pump and a Parker TG series wheel motor. Its advanced steering system is comfortable for operators, ensuring a better cut. Compared to other stand-on lawn mowers, the Hustler Super S can mow 84 acres in eight hours at 10 mph. It has a three-gallon reservoir and a hot oil shuttle.

Hustler Lawn Mower Specifications

The Hustler line of lawn mowers is among the top brands in outdoor power equipment. With over 1,600 dealers in the US and 30 distributors worldwide, the brand has an extensive range of products that will fit your needs. Many of these products feature various features, including electronic fuel injections for increased fuel efficiency, seatbelts for improved operator control, and suspension that increases ground speed. Hustler has been a leader in the outdoor power equipment industry since 1899, and their products are available at many retailers.

Hustler Dash residential mower line is the most compact mower in the line. The Hustler Dash XD model is a new addition for 2021. The Hustler Dash XD has three deck sizes and 15 and 18 hp Kawasaki V-Twin engines. It also features a hydro-gear ZT-1800 transmission. In addition to this, the Hustler Dash XD features Hustler’s new FasTrak zero turn mower line. Those looking for a more commercial model can find one that fits their needs.

The Hustler Raptor XD line offers a 42” cutting deck. It features a Kawasaki FR651 or FR691 engine with a high-back premium bolstered seat. Other models include 48” or 54” cutting decks with a wide choice of tires. All models feature Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 transmissions and a three-year, 300-hour warranty.

Hustler Lawn Mower Cordless

Hustler Lawn Mower Deck size

For commercial landscaping, a Hustler Super Z might be the best choice. The Super Z features heavy-duty hydraulics that deliver more power and torque than competitors. Its Kawasaki and Kohler engines are also impressive, as are the high-torque wheel motors. Another impressive feature of this Hustler mower is its five-year motor and pump warranty. It comes with a generous three-gallon reservoir and a hot oil shuttle. If you’re not satisfied with your Hustler lawn mower, it’s easy to sell it with its remaining warranty.

The Hustler Dash residential lawn mower line is the most compact of the Hustler lineup, designed for smaller yards and properties. This mower line will be remodeled for 2021 with a new model, the Dash XD. It features a 15 or 18 hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine and a Hydro-Gear ZT-1800 transmission. Hustler Dash XD models feature 18-inch BigBite rear wheels. The Hustler FasTrak zero turn mower line is a commercial-grade lawnmower with the same capabilities as the Hustler Dash line.

For commercial use, the Hustler Raptor XD combines a welded steel deck and hydro-gear ZT-3100 transmission. Its cutting deck is 58.9 inches in length, making it ideal for residential property up to one acre. Both the Raptor XD and Hustler Raptor are a great choice for trimming and mowing residential properties. For commercial use, you’ll appreciate the heavy-duty, fabricated steel deck and 11-gauge steel wheels.

Hustler Lawn Mower Price

In addition to offering high-end zero-turn lawn mowers, Hustler also offers a number of other cutting and edging options. For instance, its patented park brake is a great feature that can help you keep your lawn in tip-top shape. And it also comes with a number of added features, including smoothtrak steering and heavy-duty decks and sturdy frames. Its innovative design is also known for its precision-cut quality, so you can rely on it to give you the lawn of your dreams.

Hustler has two distinct models in their lineup – residential and commercial. The residential Hustler costs between US$2,800 and $6000, while commercial Hustler mowers can run anywhere from $10,000 to over $20000. Both models come with warranties, and Hustler offers various financing options to fit your budget. The company offers a fleet program for businesses, and offers a discount to military customers if you purchase two or more Hustler lawn mowers at once.

The Dash is the entry-level model, with a 34-inch or 42-inch steel deck. Its engine boasts 10.5 horsepower and can reach 5 mph. It features a foot-operated deck lift, and an automatic parking brake. For bigger yards, the FasTrak is designed with high-back suspension seats and commercial-grade transmission. This mower is also available with a hydro system. You can search through the Google search engine. If you’re interested in different models of lawnmowers, here you can find our latest post Craftsman Electric Lawn Mower.


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