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How to Get Rid Of Mice without Traps or Poison – 1 MONTH UPDATE

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How to Get Rid Of Mice without Traps or Poison – 1 MONTH UPDATE | Watch Now!

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GOT MICE? Get rid of them fast. NO TRAPS NO POISONS. The ONLY way to STOP mice in your house forever. See one of my viewers results & get the answers to your questions from my groundbreaking video on getting rid of mice & rats in your house cheap, that’s really works. This is an update and Q&A for my first video:

Amazon Blink Camera:
2 for 1 deal right now!

NOTHING in this video is sponsored. I bought the cameras and the mice were free.

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  1. Silver’s videos are easy to understand, concise, keep your attention, and informative. A+ work my friend.

  2. Depending on your needs a dedicated trail camera may be a better solution. Many can be purchased on Amazon around the same price point. Trail camera’s can be fitted with a card and don’t require a subscription service and are designed to capture wildlife. I got one a couple years ago to capture footage of a fox den that was located on our property. I also used it to see how a raccoon was able to get to the platform bird feeder. I’ll admit it was pretty interesting to see what goes on at night in our yard while we are fast asleep.

  3. I have 2 of these cameras for home security. The battery life is freakin insane.

    I have one pointed at my driveway and gets triggered upwards of 10 times a day. The batteries lasted 11 months.

    The other is on my front porch which doesn’t get much traffic. 14 months and still haven’t had to replace the batteries.

  4. My cat has found and “played” with mice 🐁 three times in the last couple of years in the living area of our house. We don’t allow our cats outside. We had rats 🐀 under the house years ago because we stupidly stored bags of bird seed in the storage area under the house. They we getting in through the top of the concrete foundation, but they never got into our living areas. We had lots of expanded foam sprayed everywhere possible. Our houses are built against each other so there is no way to know what’s happening in between the houses. We used rat poison which was horrible! I noticed things flying around the house and I found a pile of fur and maggots! I almost threw up. We had one die somewhere and in stunk for a long while. I really don’t like killing animals, I just want them to live outside.
    The cameras are a great idea!

  5. Would definitely recommend Eufy cameras over Blink or Ring cameras.

    Their cameras are maybe ~$20 more, but it’s all local recording and no cloud fees required.

  6. I use these cameras, and have a memory stick that saves the files. You don’t need to pay a monthly storage fee. Thanks for the update on your success.

  7. Hey SC this is another great video!

    I got a question for the connectivity wizard.
    Do you know if I could use my phone mobile Hotspot to connect to the Blink Sync box?

    I don’t have home internet or a WiFi connection.

    I am interested in the Blink two camera set. I installed the Blink App on my phone and it appears to be working okay with my phone. But if the Blink system will not connect via Hotspot it will be a no go. thx, tommy

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