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GENIUS Invention Recycles Water from your TOILET?

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GENIUS Invention Recycles Water from your TOILET? | Watch Now!

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STOP Flushing your money away! Japan INVENTED this device that WILL save you money & the planet at the same time. Brilliant idea that really works! Learn how

Japanese Toilet Sink:

Average household of 4 flushes a toilet 20+ (some as high as 40) times per day = 4 gallons wasted washing hands = 36,000 gallons of wasted water.

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  1. Thanks for watching! Japanese Toilet Sink: *Fun fact* The average family of 4 flushes the toilet 20 times (or more) every day using between 3-4 gallons for hand washing each time totalling 30,000 gallons. Many families use significantly more than this.

  2. Nice idea, but a couple drawbacks:
    Cold water only.
    Washing hands over the toilet might turn off a few people.
    Will have to clean the toilet tank now because of dirty water coming in.

  3. I’ve always thought it ridiculous that we waste clean water flushing our toilets, I found it intriguing that when I was in Ireland the buildings would collect rainwater from the roof in a tank to use for flushing all their toilets!

  4. a buddy if mine lives in the states and all of his housemates have a sink like this. I haven’t seen him in a while but he should be around in 5 to 10

  5. I might DIY a one-way drip valve on that drain, but other than that, pretty cool. Unless you’re leaving your water on for 4+ minutes, no one is using 4 gallons to wash their hands per usage. CDC recommends 30 seconds, and that’s hard enough to get people to do, and that assumes people are leaving the water running while scrubbing. 30k gal/yr is 20+ gal/d/person @ 4ppl. I think you’ve grossly overestimated water savings by a few multiples.

  6. This will be great for my pool bathroom outside where we have a toilet but no faucet or plumbing/drain line for a vanity fauctet!

  7. It’s a good idea and it makes sense to flush with non drinkable water.

    It hurts sometimes thinking about how we use perfectly good, filtered, bacteria free water to push down our waste into septic systems when some places in the world would kill for it. 😕

  8. Love it…Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. ♻️ I’m definitely getting that for my toilet. Thanks for letting us know that exist. 💧🚽

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