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Future Proofed My House with 10 Gig Fiber – FAST Cheap

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Future Proofed My House with 10 Gig Fiber – FAST Cheap | Watch Now!

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How & Why I connected my OLD BARN & House with the FASTEST fiber optic cable you can buy for CHEAP & have BLAZING FAST speeds from now into the future.

Network Switch:
SFP Module:
Pull String:
Direct Burial Fiber:

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  1. I would recommend running single mode fiber instead of mulitmode. Single mode fiber unlike mulitmode is future proof and will do basically any speed. Pricing is also very similar nowadays. Like cat cable, multi mode fiber has gone through faster and faster versions. Single mode is still the same and still supports up to the highest speed.

  2. Amazed at how seemingly easy it was for you guys to pull that cable through. Every time I’ve had to it involved soap, water, and anger.

  3. As a networking guy, I would highly recommend going with single-mode fiber. It’s much more future-proof and can run farther. To be clear, there is NOTHING wrong with multi-mode; single mode is just the preferred method.

  4. When you added an additional pull cord incase you need it in the future, it reminds me of why this is such a great channel. Very clever and I never would think to do smart things like that

  5. Clever trick to avoid stressing the fiber connectors. I’ve been over the last year installing CAT6A in the house to try to future proof the best I can.

  6. One thing to keep in mind is the type of fiber, he used a premade indoor patch cable, the water and elements that get into the underground pipe will degrade the thin jacket and ruin the fiber cladding. You will want to use a fiber that is rated indoor/outdoor, usually has a black jacket. I have replace several patch type cable someone had ran underground that failed after a few years. The other upside to fiber instead of copper is you eliminate electrical ground loops that can cause problems with equipment over time. There are a few places online you can order outdoor rated fiber for the length you need and pre-terminated with connectors fairly cheap.

  7. I was lucky when we purchased our home because the previous homeowner had run hard lines to all the rooms and a fiber optic cable from the main closet to the room above our garage. We only use wifi for our phones and tablets and everything else in our home is on wire or fiber optic. Great video.

  8. For narrow conduits you can use BiDi SFP modules, which require only one connector per side, making it almost the same diameter as a cat6.

  9. Honestly, you have the best, most informative videos. You’re the handyman that everyone wants in their family. Thanks for such a great video:)

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