Creating an Enchanted Back-Yard Garden – From Planning to Maturity

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Creating an Enchanted Back-Yard Garden – From Planning to Maturity #gardendiy Watch Now!

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Follow along as Rosanne takes you on a 15 year journey of creating an enchanted, cottage-style, back yard garden. Enjoy seeing beautiful natural stonework and plenty of weeping and unusual specimen trees and shrubs. By following basic design tips and techniques outlined in this video, the back-yard garden blends seamlessly with the rest of the garden.

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  1. I was completely thrilled when I saw one of your videos out. I don’t know if you follow Laura from Garden Answer, but she has been having people submit their garden before and afters. I immediately thought of you, especially for the category of “skinny sideyards” Now on to watching yours for a second time.

  2. I watch a lot of gardening channels but yours is the absolute best because is so relatable to a regular size home/garden space. It is amazing what you and your husband have achieved in an urban space. Please grace us with your beautiful garden more often.Thank you for sharing

  3. Your YouTube channel is one of my favorites of all time. I love every video you put out. Thank you for doing such a detailed and thorough job. I’m going through a backyard redo too and this was so helpful.

  4. Definitely just the pick me up for dreary February 💙💙💙 So many ideas from this !!! Thank you so much !🌱🌿✨

  5. Roseanne, I was fortunate to lead tours through your garden a few years ago and it was so soothing to visit it again in this video. I love your use of shrubs and smaller trees and it is always reassuring to see how a garden can go from ideas and wish lists to reality, often looking so lovely in just a few years. Can’t wait until our zone 4 thaws and we can both dig in again. Please post more content soon. I always learn some tidbit from you and just love looking at your garden.

  6. I absolutely adore your yard and love your videos! My style is very similar to yours, however my gardens are much, much younger. Seeing your mature landscape gives me wonderful ideas and keeps me wanting to learn more and more. I’m also obsessed with natural stone, so the work your husband has done makes me heart sing. I’m an avid gardener, having dabbled in planting my own shrubs and such since the mid 90’s around the couple of homes we lived in, moving on to creating container displays with flowers in the early 2000’s (raising 4 busy children didn’t leave me much time outside of that) and finally since 2015 after we built our home to grow old in and became empty nesters, I have poured my heart and soul into creating a paradise in our yard. It’s because of others like you, that I’ve gained so much inspiration along the way. Thank you for sharing your lovely gardens with all of us!

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