Brown FAIRY GARDEN fence | Fairy garden items DIY | Fairy houses art | Fimo DIY | Polymer clay DIY Garden

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Brown FAIRY GARDEN fence | Fairy garden items DIY | Fairy houses art | Fimo DIY | Polymer clay #garden DIY Garden

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This is the second video about creating a fences for a Fairy Garden. I plan to create a couple of fences of a different types and colors. At the end, I will choose the one that suits for my idea the most.

Here you can watch the first ( rustic ) fence tutorial :

Here, you can watch tutorial for the honey pot fairy house you see on the thumbnail:

Do you love fairy houses like I do ? Welcome to my channel.
I made this fairy house lamp using a small glass I’ve bought at dollar store and a polymer clay.
In order do add to it light, I’ve used a led stand I bought from the internet.
Wellcome to my channel. It’s all about art and craft. I make fairy houses lamps using polymer clay and DAS.
In order to make it glow I use light base or light strings that can be found in almost every dollar store.
Some times, I turn old jars into a small houses, and sometimes, I create a miniature items to make my fairy guests comfortable at their new home.
It can be lovely and comforting, after a long day, to relax looking on a little magical lamp. Or fall asleep peering on enchanted glowing windows. Who knows, maybe fairies will visit you in your dreams?
A tiny fairy house can also be used as a home decoration or as a gift idea for your beloved ones.
Also, you can find here an easy DIY ideas and fairy houses tutorials and another polymer clay ( fimo ) tutorials.

And last, but not least : 🇺🇦 I stand with Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Fairies are amazing tiny creatures. They are delicate and shay. It’s rare to meet one, but when you do, you will know.
They tend to hide, but sometimes, you can see the magic they left behind. Fairies love to live in an old items, people threw away.
This why you can run into fairy house made of old kettle or boot. I hope my videos will inspire you to see a magic around. I want to believe.

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  1. Hello my Dear Friend
    You are Amazing Talent
    I am Fascinated by how you make the Fence piece by piece with patience and love for your Art Craft
    This is really Wonderful
    You are very Creative with A Beautiful heart
    Thank You very much for Sharing
    Wish You more Success to come
    God Bless You and Your Family

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