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2 year old EGO Lawn mower! lawn mower

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2 year old EGO Lawn mower! #lawn lawn mower

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  1. They’re cool for small yards I’ll give you that, but I don’t think it’s better than a gas mower. Proper maintenance every mower I have came out of a junkyard or was left by the curb, and they all start first pull. When you have the gasser power you can also misuse it as a bush hog when the tree line gets out of hand and it won’t stall on you. But by all means if your property doesn’t require that there’s no reason to have it.

    I am curious to see where electric mowers will be at in 10 years. The newest mower in the fleet is around 6 years old and the oldest is over 30, and both still run amazingly. (For reference on why I have so many mowers, I used to run a lawn care company when I was younger)

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